About me

I’m an assistant professor of business administration at Harvard Business School. My research interests are driven by contemporary issues in accounting and economics with a focus on examining questions that can provide guidance related to current and proposed regulations. In my dissertation, I developed firm-level measures of pay disparity and examined how they relate to accounting performance. I also have a working paper that provides evidence on how taxes affect macroeconomic growth through the decision to repatriate foreign corporate earnings. Information about these papers, as well as my published paper that uses a mathematical law to detect irregularities in accounting numbers, can be found on my research page.

Prior life

Before devoting myself to academia, I received a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University and spent four years as a newspaper crime reporter, most recently at the New York Daily News. The journey from journalist to accounting academic was a lot more natural than it sounds… at least to me. During the financial crisis, I decided to pursue an M.B.A. at Columbia Business School in order to better understand the world in which I was living. On Day One of my intro accounting class, I learned the term “balance sheet.” At the end of Day Two, I asked my wonderful professor (who became my dissertation adviser) what I would need to do to earn a Ph.D. in accounting (which I did in 2017). Much like journalism, accounting is storytelling, told by narrators of varying reliability. The goal is to get to the truth, but the path is often convoluted. Sounds exciting, right? Right?

Alternate life

I am a competitive(ish) runner and a devoted, if sloppy, practitioner of yoga. I do the majority of my traveling by bicycle and lament that I don’t ski often enough. When I wear headphones, I am probably listening to the audio edition of The Economist. I always carry a book with me and do my best to steer every conversation toward what people are reading. A list of recent books I’ve loved can be found on my books page.